GLK12232-25 FGW Strip Chart Documentation Wrong?


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GLK12232-25 FGW Strip Chart Documentation Wrong?

Post by kilgore » Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:11 am

Hello there,

I'm trying to use the Strip Chart function on a GLC12232-25 FGW but there seems to be a discrepancy in the manual (GLK12232-25Rev3.1.pdf). On Page 21 where it shows how to set up the strip chart the command is FE 6E followed by 5 bytes. In the Appendix on Page 33 it shows that the command is FE 6A followed by 5 bytes, 2 shorts, 2 bytes, and another short. Could someone tell me which is correct? Also, on Page 21 Table 11 shows chart types (Bytes 3-0) but I'm not sure what is meant by that. Could someone please clarify. I have tried doing what is shown on Page 21 but it doesn't work.

Ed K.

Daniel Divino
Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Re: GLK12232-25 FGW Strip Chart Documentation Wrong?

Post by Daniel Divino » Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:17 pm

Hello kilgore,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The GLK12232-25 manual was recently updated to our new standardized manual format. When converting the manual, some of the command parameters and details may have been mixed up. We try our best to ensure that all command data remains true to their displays, however once in a while a we may let one slip.

In this case, the strip chart commands provided in the GLK12232-25 manual are wrong. This is the reason why your display is not recognizing and creating a strip chart as requested. I will go through the manual commands once again to ensure that they are correct, and re-upload a new revision in the near future.

That said, I can provide the strip chart commands from the previous manual.

Initializing a Strip Chart
Syntax Hexadecimal 0xFE 0x6A [refID] [x1] [y1] [x2] [y2]
Decimal 254 106 [refID] [x1] [y1] [x2] [y2]
ASCII 254 “j” [refID] [x1] [y1] [x2] [y2]
Parameters Parameter Length Description
refID 1 Reference number
x1 1 Left bounds.
y1 1 Top Bounds.
x2 1 Right Bounds.
y2 1 Bottom Bounds
Description A strip chart is an area of the screen reserved for horizontal scrolling.
This is normally used as follows:
• Initialize the strip chart, which reserves the appropriate area of the
• Draw a line segment at the right or left side of the strip chart.
• Shift the strip chart to the right or left.
• Draw the next line segment.
• Used this way the strip chart can produce a graph which scrolls
smoothly horizontally in either direction. With text the strip chart
can produce a marquis effect.
NOTE If the strip chart is used with text we recommend the use of a 6 or 7 pixel wide fixed width character set, with each character placed 8 pixels from the start of the previous one.

Up to 7 strip charts ([ref] = 0 - 6) may be defined. To initialize a strip
chart the user must define an area on the display in which to place the
strip chart.(x1,y1) is the top left corner of the area to be used, where
[x1] is the placement of the column where the strip chart is to begin and
[y1] is the row. The user must then define [x2] as the bottom right
column of the area to be utilized and [y2] as the bottom right row.
The definition of x must lie on byte boundaries. That is, x must be
defined as 0x00, 0x08, 0x10, etc. This restriction does not apply to y
Remembered No

Shifting a Strip Chart
Syntax Hexadecimal 0xFE 0x6B [ref]
Decimal 254 107 [ref]
ASCII 254 “k” [ref]
Parameters Parameter Length Description
ref 1 Reference number of a strip chart
that has already been created.
Matrix Orbital GLK12232-25 33
Description This command shifts the strip chart left or right. [ref] determines both
which strip chart is used and which direction it will shift. The direction
is selected by the most significant bit (MSB):
• MSB: 0 shifts left
• MSB: 1 shifts right
For example if [ref] is 1:
• 254 107 1 (hex FE 6B 01) shifts left
• 254 107 129 (hex FE 6B 81) shifts right
This command shifts the contents of the area defined in the Initialize
Strip Chart command 8 pixels at a time.
Remembered No

Thank you again for your patience. I will let you know when the newest revision is uploaded onto our website.

Daniel Divino
Technical Support
Matrix Orbital

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