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MOP -AL162A question

Post by existent »

We bought 2 of these LCDs for our senior design project. We don't have any previous experience with the LCDs before so before we try to program it for our project, we decided to connect it to a PC through parallel port and run it through there.

But, we can't get the LCD display what we want.

We were using this tutorial to help us connect and program the LCD:

only thing we changed was, we had to comment out the delays because we kept getting errors during compiling. Once we removed the delays, it compiled succesfully, and executed (as far as we can see) but nothing displayed on the LCD.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Post by Raquel »

Hello existent,

Thank you for your post.

We normally get people to interface with the parallel display using a uC; but has heard of this PC parallel port interface, and quite happy that there are many people out there that are successful in doing so. Unfortunately, I do not have much experience doing this interface, so I am not a big help :(

I hope that people out there who have tried this interface out can drop some info in.

Best Regards,
Raquel Malinis
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Post by Ray »

First of all the controller needs the delays, you can't just take them out and expect it still to work those where there for a reason ;)

second depending a bit on your operating system you might not have write access to the lpt port, while this was allowed in dos and earlier versions of windows (3.x / 95 /98 ) this has been disallowed in newer os'es (NT 3-4/win2000/xp/vista) if you are running a recent version of windows i recoomend looking up a package called dlportio that installs a kernel driver which enables direct IO access again.

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Post by brind_foin »

You can look on this web site.

It explains a lot on how to do it. It gives a lot of info about how to send data with the parallel port to an LDC unit. The code is in C# but can be easily translated into C or C++.

I hope it may help you!


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