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chris dude
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Custom Character Generator

Post by chris dude »

I can't figure out the sequence of IO to use the custom character generator.

For instance, to use the defined characters I write RS high, RW low, E high, put the character on the bus, and write E low. The character is displayed.

What is the similiar sequence for using the character generator to draw my own shapes? The closest I can get is random stuff, sometimes just a moving cursor..


Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Post by Raquel »

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your post.

To generate custom character you will need to write to the CG RAM. Please see command details in the datasheet (Set CG RAM instruction).

The sequence for the control signals should be the same (writing and reading, but pay attention to RS since this differentiates instructions from data).

Raquel Malinis
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