MOP-GL2406A Questions

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MOP-GL2406A Questions

Post by joebno »

A couple of quick questions:

1. In the manual for the MOP-GL2406A, there are two basic schematics for power supplies - the first one is labeled "Without Negative Power on PCB", and the second one is labeled "With Negative Power on PCB". Are these titles reversed? The first schematic (without negative power) shows Vdd and Vee, while the second schematic (with negative power) only shows Vdd. In some of the other manuals, I've seen the schematics reversed.

2. Ok, this may be a really silly question, but what is FGND (Frame GND - pin 1). It's listed in the pinouts, but there are no other references for it.

Thanks muchly!


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Post by Raquel »

Hello Joe,

Thanks for your post.

The schematics on the MOP-GL24064A is correct. When there is no negative voltage on the PCB, you will need to provide it, this is Vee in the figure. You mentioned that this maybe reversed because you have seen other manuals that have them switched. Can you tell me which ones (manuals)?

Please note that the optimal contrast for the display is below 0 volts.

FGND is frame gorund, as you already mentioned. This is to have an option of actually grounding the frame of the LCD or not. Connect this pin to ground if you want the LCD frame (bezel) grounded. If the display will be mashed to a metal housing, its recommended that you do not connect FGND to ground Vss of the display, rather connect it to the metal housing, which shoudl have its own (earth) grounding.
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