Single Data Line Display Operation

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Single Data Line Display Operation

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I'm building the Microchip energy meter project AN939 which, I believe was prototyped in India. The project has a LCD display that I think is the Deepakshi DM060 module because it is made in India and the pin count is the same as the schematic. The display is also laid out for an energy consumption meter so I think its a good bet.

The display has 7 pins, led+, Vss, Vdd, Data, W/R, CS and RD and combing through over 5000 lines of code to figure out how this diplay works is a little large. I've tried to contact Deepakshi for an op manual via email with no luck.

I have used a larger PIC16F chip in my circuit to give me another 8 bit port over the original design so that I could use a parallel LCD display as the I2C port is in use for the RTC chip.

Could anyone offer some help on how the Deepakshi LCD works so that I can change the code to drive a Matrix parallel LCD.



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By the looks of it the DM060 is a segmented display, the chances of it using the same controller (HD44780) as our character parallel lcd's is not very high (but can't rule it out) but on the bright side the pic is used alot to drive these displays so there's lots of information and sample code available on the internet. So without a doubt you can drive our displays using your pic, it might be a little more work then just replacing the DM060 module but it surely can work.

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