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Post by Piyk »

Are there Windows drivers for this USB display?


I looked on the canadian support site and their page for USB drivers doesn't mention this display.

Thanks if anyone can help,

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Post by Raquel »


Thank you for posting on the forum.

Although the MOU-AV162C-NT. is not mentioned, you should be able to use the drivers under
"USB Drivers for LK/VK/PK/GLK/GLT -USB and MX Series displays" in

These drivers are actually based on FTDI drivers, for FTDI is what we use on the said modules for USB. The drivers create a virtual comport, it is not native USB.
To have multiple displays, you will need multiple USB connections and the drivers will create a single virtual com port for each of the displays.

I hope this helps.
Raquel Malinis
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