MOS ­AL­162A interface with Picaxe chip

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MOS ­AL­162A interface with Picaxe chip

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I bought an MOS ­AL­162A and can't get it to interface with a picaxe 8m2 14m2 28x1, starts fine with logo but sending a serout 2, (254, ... anything
example serout 2, 9600_8, ("Hello") sends but jubberish char tried all baud rates, kinda wished i would have bought a Pixaxe A0033 display ready for Picaxe, you do have the name Picaxe in adv. Should I return this or will it iterface with Picaxe, any doc on this interface for Picax. It looks pretty but needs to work, Doc with the display only show a basic example Serout 2, 9600_8, (254) -- serout 2, 9600_8, ["Hello"] with brackets will not work must have ( instead of [. Any help? Thanks in advance for your time. Have tried using all output pins but ???..Dennis

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Post by Henry »

did you set display to 9600?
Henry J.
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