BLK204 vs MX212

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BLK204 vs MX212

Post by mattio » Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:03 pm

Hi folks
I'm new to forgive the ignorance.
I was looking for an LCD unit for a new build of mine. Lo and behold I stumble upon Matrix Orbital......and it is Canadian based....woo hoo. My purchase will definately be with Matrtix (being Canadian myself....will happily support my own crew first and foremost)

Questions....just a couple
I cannot find a review of the BLK204- usb anywhere. (PS...I would be happy to create one however during my new build....and post it...wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more)
I really like the MX212 but am thinking for a few extra bucks...the BLK204 seems even more impressive (4 lines, the side LED's and it fits into one 5.25" bay)
Other than the 4 lines and LED' there a big difference between this and the MX212 - 2line?)

maybe the 212 would suit me just fine (I'm sure it would), but am looking for more info on the BLK204-USB. Does it exist?

Let me know, as I would like to order shortly?

Need a reviewer??



Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Post by Julian » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:10 am

Hello Mattio,

Thanks for posting, I see your interested in the MX series, but like the 4 line capabilities of the BLK204-USB, well have I got a deal for you!

We have 4 line MX series units, the MX4,

Lots of colors available of course.
The reason you won't find a review of the BLK204-USB is that it is an OEM product where as the GX / MX series is aimed at the home user, the MX series comes with the cable you need to get setup, easy to use software is available in the form of LCDC and the product is intended for use in a home PC.

Hope that helps,
Julian -Sales

Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Post by Clark » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:49 am

Hey Mattio,

If you're looking at the single 5.25" bay, 3 bi-colour LED, tactile keypad BLK204-7T-1U-BK-USB display solution, I can confirm that although it is not natively supported by LCDC, it will work just fine. This unit does indeed exist, and uses the same protocol and commands found in the MX2 series.

Troy Clark
Design & Development
Matrix Orbital

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