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Post by Lenny » Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:48 am

Finally got around to playing with this new software tool, and first impressions are good.
It would be nice if we could copy a whole group. For example, I created a whole bunch of LEDs, and made them a group. I then wanted to copy that group of LEDs for a second channel, but couldn't - I had to copy each individual one.
Also, showing vertical and horizontal guide lines as you move objects around, so it's easy to see how they line up with other objects, maybe even an auto snap-to when objects align?

One thing threw me to start with, but once Troy put me right, it was obvious how it all goes together - you connect via USB to the Mass Storage port. Bit of a got-ya when you're so used to connecting via the serial port. Still it means I can use test software to see responses coming from the display via serial, and send commands back. I also had a situation where only three buttons showed up after a Deploy. Had to delete all files off the SD card, and restarted GTT Designer just in case. Suspect the autoexec file got corrupted. Re-deploying after that fixed the issue.

Attached a screen shot of first tinkering with the system. Volume control is 20 bitmaps with different slider positions, changed by dragging your finger left and right. Anyway, it's looking good folks, nice software tool, it has made development time so much easier and quicker. :)
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Daniel Divino
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Re: Version

Post by Daniel Divino » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:08 am

Hi Lenny,

Your screen is looking really good, and I'm glad to hear how much quicker and easier development was thanks to the designer software.

It sounds like the issues you experienced during development weren't too difficult to resolve, and didn't hinder you too much. As we continue to develop the software, we will keep an eye out for these issues, to further increase the software's ease of use, and intuitive nature.

I appreciate the feedback you've provided for the GTT Designer software. These suggestions will definitely be taken into consideration as we develop the software further.

Daniel Divino
Daniel Divino
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