EVE2-43G brightness increase possible?

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EVE2-43G brightness increase possible?

Post by PaulP »

After getting the EVE2-43G display working, I presented it to potential users, and their first comment was "can you increase the brightness?" And yes, actually, though I have not measured it, it is notably dimmer than other similar LCDs, e.g. my phone.

I am running it with a measured 3.28V on both pairs of power input pins (1,2,15,16), and the backlight duty register is at max (128). I do note that most of the brightness change is values 0-5, with only modest increase in brightness after that: Brightness change is indistinguishable from about 60 through 128 (and increasing past 128 does nothing). FWIW, it's pulling 200 mA at full bright (measured at the input of the 3.3V linear regulator that feeds it).

Is it possible to increase the brightness of this module? Can I populate R1,R2, apply power to pins 17-20, and change R5? Or are the LEDs and/or boost IC maxed out?

Daniel Divino
Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Re: EVE2-43G brightness increase possible?

Post by Daniel Divino »

Hi Paul,

Based on the values you're measuring, it sounds like the display is receiving sufficient power, so the LED's should be providing peak brightness.

Our current EVE2-43G has a typical brightness rating of 472nits, which should be enough for indoor applications. Typical cell phones hover around 700nits, with higher end phone screens achieving 1300 nits. This would explain the disparity when comparing an EVE2 screen to that of a cell phone.

With that said, we can provide screens with higher nit ratings. These displays are special order, so you will have to contact our sales team if you are interested in purchasing a sample.

Daniel Divino
Technical Support
Matrix Orbital

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