Serial Port Control by DDE Version 1.00 now available

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Serial Port Control by DDE Version 1.00 now available

Post by Nick » Fri Jun 30, 2006 9:26 am

Send commands to any Serial Device with DDE

Now it's easy to do using our new product. Just run the program, and it's ready to send data to any serial device connected to your PC.

One of our clients, The Cambridge music shop, Wood, Wind and Reed needed to drive a serial LCD display made by Matrix Orbital

They wanted to be able to look up an item in their FileMaker Pro database, and display an item description and stock number on the display, so they could photograph their stock with the database reference in the photograph.

Using simple scripts in FileMaker they can easily send any data they desire to a serial port. Use it with FileMaker, Word, Excel or any other program supporting DDE in a Macro!
This excerpt was taken from

*note* This program is not associated with Matrix Orbital and is considered a third party program.
Nick Hesson
Sales Rep.
Matrix Orbital

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