Introducing Newest Line of Character USB Displays

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Introducing Newest Line of Character USB Displays

Post by Clare » Mon Oct 29, 2007 4:25 pm

Matrix Orbital has released it's newest line of character USB displays. Using the same daughterboard as the LKVK202-25/LKVK204-25 Series, Matrix Orbital has been able to create a USB version of this board, thereby standardizing their product line, decreasing the cost to customers, and offering an improved product.
The LK202-25-USB is available in 10 different colors, including 5 new FFSTN colors that provide a crisp, clear look with an awesome bright color.

The LK202-25-USB, LK204-25-USB, VK202-25-USB, and VK204-25-USB displays will eventually replace the old LK/VKxxx-24-USB line. Matrix Orbital will carry both products for a period of 6 to 12 months before discontinuing the LK/VKxxx-24-USB displays. That means the entire MX Series will be leaving after a very successful run.

Mounting brackets and cables will still be available to form entire packages separately and the LCDC software will still be available for purchase off the LCDC site: but we will no longer be offering this package deal called the MX Series. Customers will be able to purchase a new LK/VKxxx-25-USB display, pair it will a mounting bracket, cable and purchase software.

A feature of the old LK/VKxxx-24-USB display that will not be available on the new LK/VKxxx-25-USB display is the advanced GPOs (no fan header capabilities). Also, the 1 Dallas-One-Wire header ( for 1 temperature probe only) is available only as a custom. Contact: for more information.

As always, Matrix Orbital will be able to custom manufacture any old product for those customers that are unable to switch over to the new and improved product. For custom details including price, minimum ordering quantity and lead time, please contact Please note that this is for special cases only and is not recommended.

The reason for these changes is mostly driven by the overwhelming demand by Matrix Orbital customers for MO to offer an affordable USB product. We listened and hope you enjoy the new product!

For all questions and product inquiries, please email

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