I2C clock rate

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I2C clock rate

Post by sthudium »

I bought a MOI-AL202C-FW, which has a I2C interface.

I know your RS-232 displays support only 9600 and 19200 baud. Is there any restriction like that for the I2C models?

I am assuming that the MOI-AL202C-FW will work with any clock at or below 100 kbps, which is the typical upper limit for I2C devices). Am I correct?


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Post by Raquel »

Hello sthudium,

Thanks for the post.

For the I2C implementation on the MOI-AL202C or other MO alphanumeric displays, the only thing that you would want to take note of is the clock speed, which you have already mentioned (up to 100kbps).

If you have more concerns, please let us know.

Raquel Malinis
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